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About us

Fryns SPRL is a company created in 1968.

In 2011, Michel de Sauvage took over the Fryns establishments from Benoît Vyncke.

This company was essentially specialized in all relevant items related to publicity and general display.

After several years FRYNS clearly specialized and matured in the area of Turntables.

Located in Braine-l'Alleud, we are present everywhere in Belgium. We belong to the most solicited companies in our sector in Belgium.

We strive to comply with different characteristics for each turntable: price-performance ratio, professionalism, quality, stability.

Our turntables are ideal for:

  • Presentation of any objects (jewelry up to a car).
  • Turning advertising panels.
  • Turning stages.
  • Turning dance floors.
  • Stage sets.
  • ...
  • Or other customized works.


Chaussée de Tubize 483 A,
1420 Eigenbrakel

Walloon Brabant, Belgium